Next Stop – Waterbeach!

We are all of to the beach this weekend, landlocked Waterbeach just outside Cambridge for the ‘Love Waterbeach 2019’ happening.

We are on in the chapel around 7pm with a few other local artists and bands, hope to see you there….

Knackfest 2019 – The Movie

Knackfest 2019, we spend the weekend at Karma Farm in Isleham watching and listening to a great many bands and singers and we loved all of them… Our movie is short and has a couple of our favourite bands as well, sorry to all of those who we didn’t record, we just spent our time enjoying your moments…. until next year….

And here is Knackfest 2019 – The Movie

Knackfest 2019 – Karma Farm

Karma Farm – Saturday 22 June 2019 – on about 2pm, or 3pm, or something. See you there.

The Solstice Weekend Is Coming

Allotment at Kharma Farm Eco Campsite - June 2019


Thanks to all those who came to see us at The Elm Tree recently, we enjoyed that one, it was long, we played loads of tunes. Next…

The solstice weekend is coming as we are spending it at the fantastic Kharma Farm campsite in Isleham at this years Knackfest. We played the first one, we have played other ones and we are on again this year, Saturday afternoon around 2pm.

Come and enjoy it.